Protesters demand action after police officer shoots 93-year-old woman

VIDEO - An elderly woman is dead and the city of Hearne is reeling after a police officer shot and killed a 93-year-old woman...

HEARNE, Texas — The city of Hearne, Texas, is reeling after a police officer shot and killed a 93-year-old woman.

Neighbors now wonder what could have happened that caused the well-known woman to be gunned down last night outside her home.

“She was a nice elderly lady,” said Andrew Washington, who lives just a few houses down from where the shooting happened. “She didn’t bother nobody.”

Washington has lived in Hearne for 25 years; 93-year-old Pearlie Golden was part of his wedding.

Now the elderly woman is gone, shot and killed by a Hearne police officer.

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“I don’t know why did it get to the point to where he felt that he had to come over here and do that type of policing,” said Washington.

It happened Tuesday evening around 6:30. Cops were called to Golden’s home for a disturbance. 

When they got there, they say Golden “brandished a firearm.” Officer Stephen Stem fired at least three shots. 

Golden later died at a hospital in Bryan. 

“Maybe the answers will come later,” said Charles Toliver, who’s known Golden all his life. “I don’t know, but right now, I can’t believe it. I really can’t.”

That’s the feeling all over town. Everyone we talked to is in shock that this could have happened at all. 

“I used to pass by here with a smile on my face every day, and I used to come over there and feed her dogs for her every day,” said one Hearne resident, who said he also used to mow Golden’s lawn.

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Additionally, KTBX-TV in Bryan/College Station, Texas, is reporting this is the second time Stem has shot someone to death in the past two years.