From foster homes to full college scholarship: Meet the teen who beat the odds

To say that things weren’t easy for Tyree Grant is an understatement.

At age 6, he was taken away from his biological mom, separated from his three siblings and went from one foster home to another.

“It was really difficult,” he recalled. “No kid wants to be put through that situation.”

Despite the odds against him, Tyree will graduate from the Bronx School of Law and Finance at the end of June with an impressive A average. The bright teen has excelled in advanced high school courses, interned at law firms and has been active in the community through World Changers Church New York.

He credits the couple who took him in at age 8.

Walter and Theresa Grant, who have four biological kids, adopted Tyree and cared for him as their own.

“I felt accepted and there’s no better feeling than that,” Tyree said.

The Grants, who went on to adopt three more kids after Tyree, taught him the value of education and the importance of faith, to which he attributes his success.

He will attend Dickinson College in Pennsylvania this fall on a full ride with the help of The Posse Foundation, an organization that helps teens in urban areas attend college.

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