Jonathan Tramaine Turner, 19, was indicted Monday by a Dallas County grand jury in connection with the fatal beating of 18-year-old high school basketball star Troy Causey.

The fight between the teens started over a video game, reports NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

“There’s a pain that feels like someone is drilling a hole in your stomach,” Causey’s mother Tammy Simpson told NBC after she found out Turner would only face manslaughter in lieu of a murder charge. “When they said that I just sank.”

Turner and Causey lived together at the time of the altercation. According to authorities, Turner claims to have hit Causey, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head.

Police determined that account was not consistent with the results from the Dallas County Medical Examiner, Dr. Ventura, M.D., who stated, “this kind of skull fracture could not have been caused by the complainant striking the ground.”

Causey’s mother believes there are more people, those who were present during the fight, who are also responsible for her son’s death.

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