Would you steal a homeless man's Air Yeezys?

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For any sneaker head, Kayne West’s Air Yeezys are a must-have.

The shoes sold out in February, but you can probably find them online – if you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars. (the shoes originally retailed for $245)

You can definitely make a nice profit by reselling the Red Octobers – but how far would you go? Would you lie? Would you steal?

A recent video posted by YouTube funny man Yousef Saleh Erakat answers all of those questions.

“The concept was simple; put a pair of exclusive Kanye West Yeezy 2’s (Red Octobers) which resell for over $5,000 in front of the public eye and see how society would react,” the video’s description reads.  “The catch; place them next to a homeless man who appears to be sleeping. Do the shoes have enough power and control over civilians to cause them to go against their morals and steal the pair? Let’s find out.”

Check out the hilarious video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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