Winans Brothers discuss being 'sexy for Jesus'

theGRIO VIDEO - In an interview with, BeBe, Marvin and Carvin Winans opened up about their new album 'Foreign Land'...

Legendary gospel siblings BeBe, Marvin and Carvin Winans have teamed up to create a new sound through their trio, 3 Winans Brothers.

With 17 Grammy Awards between them, 3WB is set to release their highly anticipated debut album, Foreign Land, on September 30th.

In an interview with, 3WB opened up about their journey as Gospel recording artists spanning several decades.

The brothers discussed how they were steadfast in their conviction to uphold their image as Gospel artists and not delve into singing secular music.

“I came to the altar before I came to a Grammy party,” Marvin said. “People limit Gospel music to a certain locale when, actually, everything we do should permeate from the center of our belief. We weren’t trying to be something else. We weren’t like, ‘oh we’re gonna sing Gospel until we get a break.’ That’s what we were.”

Last year, Erica Campbell, one half of the Gospel duo Mary Mary, received harsh criticism from some Christians after posting a photo in a form-fitting white dress while promoting her new album.

BeBe defended Christians’ right to be sexy.

“I can’t help that I’m sexy for Jesus,” BeBe said. “What I think is important and what I do is I take care of myself physically. I think it’s important because we live in a world that judges what they see. So it’s important for me to look and feel good, because that shows in your character and your confidence. I think it plays a part in what we do in entertaining.”

“I think if your handsome, if you’re pretty… the thrust of what you do has to be pure,” Marvin added. “It has to be selfless.”

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