Will the Apple Watch appeal to urban fashion?

theGRIO REPORT - Yesterday at WWDC 2014, Apple and Tim Cook announced their "most personal device yet," the Apple Watch...

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Will tech wear ever exist in the same space as high-end fashion accessories for on-the-go urban fashion trendsetters? Yesterday at WWDC 2014, Apple and Tim Cook challenged this question with the announcement of their “most personal device yet,” the Apple Watch.

Watches are a significant staple in the wardrobe of the everyday get-up-and-go person. Apple has taken this notion into heavy consideration in terms of designing its own watch. The apple watch bands comes in a medley of three different flavors or styles based on your taste. The basic “Watch” version is a clean and straightforward design composed of stainless steal and sapphire crystal. The second option is more for the eccentric person and is therefore titled the “Sport” and comes in an array of colorful, durable bands and is made of anodized aluminum. The last option is the classic “Edition,” which is more of an updated, refined timepiece made of 18 karat gold or rose gold and has several exquisite watchband options. Dubbed as “the watch for everyone,” Apple included all wrists types and took the liberty of making all of these styles available in two different sizes.

Traditionally, tech wear has been plagued by cumbersome designs and wired connections as a means of interacting with the device. Apple was sure to sidestep these errors by creating a sophisticated 007 Bond-esque experience by way of its newly designed innovation called the Digital Crown. The Digital Crown functions as a scroll wheel that lets you zoom, scroll, select and access the home screen — while resolving the issue of navigating on such a small device without obstructing your view. The Digital Crown is to the Apple Watch what the click wheel was to your vintage iPod.

In addition to the Digital Crown feature, the Apple Watch also has the capability to be utilized as a touch screen device. This comes in handy when you want to swipe through a variety of custom Watch Faces that change the display when in watch mode. You can also swipe up from the home screen to Glances, which is a way of sorting through tons of apps by condensing your favorite apps and their data into easily accessible favorite shortcuts. Apple seems to have made a huge effort toward making your interaction and experience with your watch look effortless, intuitive and sophisticated.

This watch precisely tells time and has features catered to your lifestyle and so much more. However, the standout feature of the Apple Watch is the combination of an all day fitness tracker meets highly advanced sports watch delivered through two apps. The Activity App displays a simple graphical representation of three rings that let you know how much you’ve exercised, moved and stood.  Secondly, the complementary Workout App utilizes your phone’s GPS to give you information about your running and walking distances. The app also allows you to view other real time stats such as calories and set goals to further view a summary of your past and present achievements.

For now, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on the Apple Watch, as it won’t go on sale until early next year 2015. The unit will start at $349 and will work with Apple’s iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and the 6 Plus. Apple has definitely made a great statement to silence the naysayers of tech wear and is focused on winning over the hearts of urbanites and people on the go with the design, innovation and functionality of the new Apple Watch.