New video of Michael Brown shooting witnesses in disbelief

theGRIO REPORT - A new video has surfaced, showing two witnesses and their immediate reactions to the Michael Brown shooting.

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A new video has surfaced, showing two witnesses and their immediate reactions to the Michael Brown shooting.

Michael Brown was an unarmed teenager who was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri by police officer Darren Wilson.

This video, which could be a crucial piece of evidence for the investigation, aired on CNN Wednesday and shows the two men standing next to their truck. They were situated about 50-feet away from Wilson when he shot at Brown.

The audio is a little hard to make out, but one man can be heard saying, “He had his f**king hands up.”

The men, who were contractors doing construction work nearby, described what they saw to CNN.

One worker said that he heard two gunshots.

“The cop didn’t say get on the ground,” the witness said. “He just kept shooting.”

He also described the gruesome scene of the incident, saying Brown had his hands up and that he saw brains coming out of Brown’s head.

The second contractor told the network he saw Brown run away from the police car and that “the officer was chasing him.”

Aside from that, he also saw the officer fire a shot at Brown, whose back was turned. Neither man saw how the confrontation started.

The men spoke to CNN, remaining anonymous, so it is not known if they are the same workers who spoke to the St. Louis Post Dispach and St. Louis Post 2.

One witness described what he saw on Fox 2 last month, saying that he saw Brown “staggering and running and when he finally caught himself he threw his hands up and started screaming OK OK OK OK OK.” Then he describes how “the three officers come through the thing and the one just started shooting.”

Another witness identified as Dorian Johnson, who was a friend of Brown, also came forward as a witness to the case last month, speaking to KSDK in St. Louis. He said that prior to the shooting; Brown did not try to reach for the officer’s weapon.

“It was definitely like being shot like an animal,” he added.