Alicia Keys opens up about pregnancy: 'I'm feeling really strong'

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Grammy winner Alicia Keys made an appearance this morning on NBC’s TODAY, performing her new single, “We Are Here.”

“Let’s talk about Chi-town / Let’s talk about Gaza / Let’s talk about Israel … let’s talk Nigeria / and the mass hysteria / Our souls are brought together / so that we can love each other,” Keys belted out from behind a piano in studio 1A.

Prior to her performance, Keys opened up about being expecting a second child with her husband, Swizz Beats.

“I’m feeling so good,” Keys said. “Really strong, and also inspired.”

Keys also discussed the meaning behind her new song, “We Are Here.”

With the backdrop of everything that’s goin’ on in the world, and that frustration that I think we’re all feeling as people, we’re wondering what we can do about it. We all have a voice, but how can it be used? I want this song to be the dialogue that starts to ask ourselves: why are we here?

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