Sherri Shepherd: My exes talking to each other is 'creepy,' 'nasty'

Comedian and TV personality Sherri Shepherd said this week she finds it “creepy” and “nasty” that her two exes are speaking to each other.

When interviewed by Wendy Williams about the custody battle with Jeffrey Tarpley, she said, “The judge ruled in my favor. I retained custody of my son.”

Shepherd’s court problems are not only with her first ex-husband but also with her “future” ex, Lamar Sally. The former co-host of The View says she couldn’t reveal too much information about the proceedings with Sally, as the two are still discussing how to work things out.

Even though Shepherd offered Sally $100,000 plus monthly child support, he refused to accept it. Sally’s child is not biologically Sherri’s. According to S2S Magazine, the couple is heading to the court to resolve this problem.

She continued to joke on the matter: “Everybody is suing me. Just ask me to be a reference on the job application. You don’t have to sue me.”

She also said that she is praying for Sally, even though they no longer speak with each other. Meanwhile, it looks like Sally and Tarpley are speaking to one another, something that Sherri finds “creepy” and “nasty.”

Having friends like Johnny Gill to help her overcome all the drama taking place in her life, Sherri will most likely defeat this situation. “It’s very painful,” she admitted during the interview.

Putting down rumors, Shepherd denied that she and Gill are dating. “Johnny and I are just friends because I am a New Edition groupie,” Sherri mentioned. “I go and see them everywhere and so Johnny and I hang out.”

After dating Sally for only one year before marrying him, Sherri said that she may take the best dating advice from her past co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and spend some time alone before starting to date again.

After Shepherd and Sally separated, TMZ said he stole a huge amount of money from her.

“He pilfered around $20,000 from their joint bank account before he split, and the money could end up as a key piece of evidence in their custody war,” the site reported. In August, the couple had a baby, through a surrogate mother.

A source said Sherri had no idea about the money being stolen until she had a look over her bank statement. Meanwhile, another source said Lamar used the money to travel to Pennsylvania and be with the surrogate mother.

Tarpley said that Shepherd’s career commitments didn’t allow her to parent their 7-year-old son appropriately. However, she won the custody for her child.