California teacher accused of using racial slur in classroom

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A San Bernardino teacher has been disciplined following a students complaint that she used a racial slur when referring to students in her classroom.

LaRue Bell, a senior student at Cajon High School, alerted administrators to an incident that took place in his math class involving his teacher Bernedette Yuson, reports The Sun.

When the teacher began moving students’ seats, Bell questioned: “How come you’re moving all the black people around?”

“Because I want to move all the N*****s,” Yuson allegedly responded.

Bell told The Sun he immediately got up to leave and report the incident to administrators, at which time he claims the teacher said, “Go ahead and tell them. I’ve got a lawyer and pay him every month.”

Following an investigation into the alleged incident, the school district said they took the necessary disciplinary action.

“On Sept. 3, we became aware of a complaint about inappropriate language used during class by a Cajon High teacher,” Linda Bardere, a district spokesperson, wrote in an email to The Sun. “We launched a fair and deliberate investigation regarding the matter, and we took quick and decisive disciplinary action once all of the facts were in.”

Bardere also added:

We regret that in this instance board policy was not followed and we apologize for the teacher’s unacceptable choice of words. We can assure the public that the district took the student’s complaint seriously and at no time did any district employee minimize the gravity of the impact of the teacher’s words.

The district did not directly name the teacher involved but has granted Bell’s request for a new math teacher.

Bell and his family are calling for the firing of Yuson and claim the teacher has yet to offer an apology following the event.

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