A woman who sued a sperm bank because she was mistakenly “inseminated with a vial from an African-American donor” spoke on-camera Wednesday.

Jennifer Cramblett told Cleveland’s Fox 8 she would “never … ever imagine” her life without her daughter Payton. Cramblett and her same-sex partner Amanda Zinkon filed a lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank because Payton is in fact biracial.

The couple had requested a vial from a white donor but only learned while pregnant they had received sperm from a black donor.

“I was just floored by the fact that it was so easily messed up,” Cramblett said in Fox 8’s report.

TheGrio | White lesbian couple upset sperm bank sent sperm from black donor

The couple is requesting damages “exceeding $50,000” for medical expenses, emotional distress, economic and non-economic losses.  The community the couple lives is “racially intolerant,” according to the lawsuit — another source of stress for the family and young Payton.

Cramblett told Fox 8 she wants to move to a more diverse neighborhood so her daughter can “see people and know, ‘Hey, you’re just like me.'” The couple is “anxious” about sending their daughter to an “all-white school.”

Cramblett, who gave the interview with her attorneys present, also told the station she was “not racist.”

Midwest Sperm Bank has not offered any comment on this story because it is a “pending legal matter.”