Rapper Lil Boosie: “African-Americans are the worst race in the world”

Rapper Lil Boosie has said in a recent NiteCap interview that he feels like “African-Americans are the worst race in the world.”

Boosie, born Terrance Hatch, was released from prison earlier this year following a conviction for drug smuggling. During the interview, the rapper explained that he didn’t think whites were to blame for the problems facing African-Americans.

“People always talking all this racist stuff but the white man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a chopper [gun], the white man ain’t tryna take rims off your car … we doing this to each other. So how can you say ‘F the white man?’ He ain’t doing nothing but — when you get in trouble — doing his job. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

The Louisiana rapper also went on to say, after a question from host Peter Bailey asking if a system was in place to encourage African-Americans to destroy each, that “I really do feel like they brought drugs in the country and gave it to the big dogs in the Black neighborhood ’cause they gon’ put it in they culture and we gon’ smoke up all the drugs. You don’t see Italians selling keys or dime rocks on they block so they people can get strung out … but we got a picture of Scarface, John Gotti, we got all these pictures. But, they know we gon’ kill our race.”

Lil Boosie’s first record since his March release from Louisiana State Penitentiary, titled Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, was released on September 23.