50 Cent opens up about being a target of cyber bullies

theGRIO VIDEO - Rapper 50 Cent talks about season 2 of 'Dream School' and opens up about his experiences with cyber bullying...

Bullying is an issue plaguing schools across the country, and according to 50 Cent, it’s an issue that he still encounters on a regular basis.

50 Cent sat down with theGrio for an interview about Season 2 of his show, Dream Schooland discussed his own experiences with cyber bullying.

The Grammy winning rapper talked about how he’s been bullied at times via his social media platforms and revealed that at one point he had to shut them off.

“I’ve had to develop a defense mechanism to people saying things that I don’t agree with about my personality,” 50 Cent said.

“When you’re a public figure, you’re public property for them to say these things to you. Online, how many times have you seen people make comments that weren’t called for?  It’s just what they’re conditioned for. It’s a place to vent for them because they don’t mean very much in our traditional social environment. The new social networking allows them to say things to you that they wouldn’t say to your face. There’s so many areas that you can look at now that would be considered bullying.”

Episode 2 of Dream School airs on SundanceTV tonight at 10/9c and follows a group of troubled teens in a high school where the teachers are celebrities, including 50 Cent.

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