Bus driver suspended from job after selfie with Kevin Hart

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A Los Angeles bus driver has been indefinitely suspended without pay for stopping her LAX shuttle to snap a selfie with star comedian and actor Kevin Hart. A video captured of the incident shows Hart taking a number of photos with fans at the Los Angeles airport.

The woman, identified as Genesha Bradley, leaves her National Car Rental shuttle bus idling in the middle of the terminal to take a selfie with Hart. Bradley then hurries back to the bus and can be heard yelling, “I’m sorry y’all” as she enters its doors.

The video footage later resulted in Bradley being suspended without pay. A TMZ source tracked down the bus driver, and in a follow-up video asked her what had happened following the selfie incident. Bradley said that, after her bosses saw the footage, she was placed on suspension. Bradley says in the video that a single family was on the bus at the time, and that the father got off the bus to take “his selfie [with Hart] first.” When asked if the passengers were upset, Bradley shakes her head and responds, “No, it was just one family.”

When asked if she regrets getting off the bus, Bradley said, “If I would’ve known this was going to happen, then yes, I do regret it.” She also indicated that she believes the suspension was not justified, given that the passenger also got off the bus to take a selfie.

As of Wednesday, there has been no final decision on Bradley’s employment status. National Car Rental has not issued a public comment on the incident.