Daughter of man who fathered 34 children writes letter blasting Iyanla Vanzant

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The eldest daughter of an Atlanta video producer who recently appeared on a September episode of OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life has penned an open letter to the show’s host Iyanla Vanzant.

In the episode, Jay Williams faced some of his 34 children, whom he fathered with 17 different women, telling them that, “This has been one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had in my life.”

Five episodes of the show have already aired. Another follow-up episode, providing further updates on the family’s reconciliation and healing process, is set to air on OWN this coming weekend.

But 26-year-old Amina Mosley feels that both the show and its host have done little to fix her family, beginning a letter titled “Dear Ayanla, Thank You for ‘Fixing’ My Father,” by writing that “Before your show, I never felt like just one of 34. I have always had a great and close relationship with the eight of my siblings that I do know.”

She writes of the experience that, “When I was asked to participate [on the show], I was apprehensive simply because I was not buying it. There was no way that anyone could ‘fix’ my Father. His poor choices have disappointed me and so many others countless times, and I never thought the day would come where he would truly have the opportunity to face his demons… I left Atlanta feeling frustrated.”

Later, Mosley writes about her frustrations with speaking with her father, detailing a time that he came to visit her at college with a new girlfriend who was also pregnant at the time. She also recalls a phone conversation with her father after the show aired, in which she told him: “Let’s be honest, if you were solely responsible for my three meals a day since birth, I would not be breathing right now.”

The letter ends with Mosley writing that, “With all of that being said, I want to say thank you for fixing my father. You have done a remarkable job in helping him to feel better about himself, while unfortunately further enabling his false sense of reality. The reality is that he still has not been held accountable, so I am encouraging you to ask yourself ‘what about the children?'”

Another of Williams’ 34 children, Chantelle Williams, recently launched a GoFundMePage, writing on the page that, “The show has made our father a household name, garnered Iyanla her highest ratings ever and greatly benefitted OWN, but what about us?”

Iyanla: Fix My Life airs at 9/8c Saturdays on OWN.

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