Singer Erykah Badu makes only $3.60 performing on New York street

Erykah Badu hit the streets last week for a surprise street performance in New York City.

The R&B singer released an iPhone video in which she sings to people in the middle of Times Square while holding out her hat. In the video, many people tend to ignore Badu, but she still manages to collect $3.60 for her talents.

Badu, true to her usually eccentric social media presence in tweets and vines, took the small payout in stride and joked that with “some initiative, you can make money.”

She added, more seriously, “In reality, life is a lot harder than this.”

The video, posted to Okayplayer’s YouTube page, has more than 300,000 views.

No word if Badu will go for $5 in her next street performance.