Chicago voter jokes to Obama: ‘Don’t touch my girlfriend’

theGRIO REPORT - President Obama didn't miss a beat Monday when a Chicago man joked: "Don't touch my girlfriend."

President Obama didn’t miss a beat Monday when a Chicago man joked: “Don’t touch my girlfriend.”

Obama was in Chicago casting an early ballot alongside Aia Cooper, whose fiancé just couldn’t resist the hilarious warning.

“I really wasn’t planning on it,” Obama fired back.

At this point, Cooper was mortified but laughing off the exchange in an “I can’t believe this is happening” sort of way.

“There’s an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason,” Obama continued.  “No reason whatsoever.”

Cooper apologized on her fiancé Mike Jones’ behalf.

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And Obama wasn’t finished. After he cast his ballot, he walked by Cooper and delivered the best line yet:

“You’re gonna kiss me,” he told Cooper. “Give [Jones] something to talk about it. Now he’s really jealous.”

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The president was in Chicago campaigning for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, according to CNN. Both Cooper and Jones told Chicago’s WBBM-TV it’s a memory they’ll tell their grandchildren about.