Family sues landlord over bat and termite infestation

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A Gwinnett County, GA, family has filed suit against their landlord for renting them a home with a bat infestation. Joel Johnson and his family rented a home in the area earlier this year, only to find that it was so overrun by bats and termites that the Gwinnett County Health Department declared it an imminent health hazard, barring anyone from entry.

The entire family had to receive rabies shots and were subjected to numerous health tests following the discovery of the infestation. This is the reason why homes and other properties should be subjected to regular inspections by a pest control services company to help prevent termite infestation.

Now Johnson and his family are filing a suit claiming that the infestation has cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to WSBTV Atlanta. Johnson hasn’t been allowed to return to the residence since it was condemned; the family’s belongings are still locked inside the house.

Johnson indicated that even if they were allowed inside, many items have already been ruined by the pests, saying, “There’s bats living in the dryer. I can’t take that home.”

The 35-page lawsuit requests that the homeowner reimburse Johnson for medical expenses and the ruined belongings, as well as deposits made on the property. Johnson’s attorney indicated that medical expenses have been “exorbitant,” and there was “no knowledge now if future medical care will be required.”

The attorney also had a video showing bats living in the family’s fireplace.

The homeowner has yet to respond to the lawsuit but indicated in March, when the infestation was discovered, that he was “perfectly happy to pay whatever I’m legally obligated to pay.”