Dennis Wallace posts fake Obama endorsement letter with typos

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Dennis Wallace and President Obama are bros, or at least that’s what Wallace wants potential voters to believe.

Wallace is running for a seat in Florida’s Orange County Board of Commissioners. Last week, he or someone from his campaign posted a letter from the president which appeared to “endorse” Wallace for the open seat.

The letter was posted to Wallace’s official campaign Facebook page.

The letter, which displayed an official White House emblem at the top, was riddled with spelling errors. The word Democrat was lowercased. Accommodate was spelled “accomadate.” Initial was spelled “intial.”

The letter was a fake.

When WFTV’s Mario Boone tracked Wallace down in a shopping center parking lot, Wallace said he thought the letter was real.

But what about the spelling errors? Boone asked Wallace.

“I was so happy to get that from the president that I posted it,” Wallace said.

Wallace deleted the letter from his Facebook page once he was told the letter was a phony.

Wallace’s opponent for the open seat, Victoria Siplin, said Wallace’s tricks won’t work.

“I think we underestimate the intelligence of our voters,” Siplin said. “And I don’t think they will be fooled by that.”

President Barack Obama has yet to offer a comment on this story and probably never will.