Khloe Kardashian posts KKK joke on Instagram, quickly deletes

There are some jokes you should just stay away from.

Khloe Kardashian generated deep controversy on Tuesday on her social media page when she shared an image of herself and her two sisters with text reading: “The only KKK to ever let black men in.”

The image was meant to poke fun at Khloe and her sisters, Kim and Kourtney, and their obsession with the letter “K” as well as Kim and Kourtney’s relationships with black men.

Within two hours, the image gained 405,000 likes and 26,000 comments. Some fans were outraged by what they deemed racially insensitive remarks, while others thought the joke was in bad taste but not meant to be harmful.

Khloe realized her post hadn’t gone over well and attempted to defuse the situation:

Grio fam, what do you think? Will this have any impact on Khloe’s fanbase?