Chris Rock says Halle Berry lawsuit could inspire 'Good Hair' sequel

theGRIO REPORT - Comedian Chris Rock says Halle Berry taking her ex-boyfriend to court for straightening their daughter's hair has inspired him to film a sequel to 'Good Hair'...

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Monday, reports surfaced that Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is suing her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry for straightening their 6-year-old daughter’s hair.

The 48-year-old actress claims in court documents that Aubry also dyed Nahla’s hair blonde and in doing so might make their daughter ask “why her natural appearance is not good enough.”

Aubry and Berry have been in a custody dispute over Nahla since breaking up in 2010.

Chris Rock apparently saw the story after it went viral on Twitter and made two posts on Instagram referencing Berry’s situation and declaring that it’s time to make a sequel to his 2009 comedy documentary Good Hair.

Rock posted a photo of a screengrab from a story of Berry taking Aubry to court for straightening their daughter’s hair, along with the caption, “It might be time for ‘Good Hair 2′” followed by the same photo with the caption, “Looks like it’s time to film ‘good hair 2.'”

Looks like it's time to film " good hair 2 ".

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So what do you think? Is Chris Rock really gonna go through with making Good Hair 2? Will you support the movie if he does?

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