Prince William and wife Kate visited The Door, a nonprofit organization that helps kids and young adults improve their lives, during their visit to New York. During their visit, Prince William was so touched by one act that he reached out to help.

Steven Prescod, 22, gave a spoken word performance, telling his life story. His father was incarcerated when he was a baby, and he himself had been through rough times and through jail time. He had faced seven years for assault but got out early with the chance to start over.

After the performance, Prince William stopped to talk with Prescod. “William said he wanted to help me put this together,” said Prescod. “He gave me his contact number and said to reach out to him.”

Steven Prescod, Prince William
Steven Prescod performs at The Door in Brooklyn for Prince William and Kate Middleton (Getty Images)

Another student at The Door said that the prince told them, “That was incredible, guys. It was amazing and should be on in the West End. When’s your next performance?”

Prescod said he believes the prince was touched because of the truth in his act. “Everything is true,” he said. “I never really practiced writing, but it was so easy because these stories are all real.”