Man fakes heart attack to steal toys from Walmart

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Shoplifting just got real.

Two men in Central Florida were arrested earlier this week after stealing some toys from Walmart. Their theft was captured on surveillance cameras, which showed one man faking a heart attack as a distraction while the other walked through the front doors without a hitch.

Tarus Scott and Genard Dupree were charged with grand theft and are sitting in Polk County Jail.

Before they were arrested, the bandits made off with a Barbie Glam vacation house and Barbie motorized car. They also made out with a tablet, according to First Coast News.

The nearly-five minute video shows Dupree and Scott browsing through the store for toys. Around the 3:30 mark, Dupree falls to the ground suffering from an “apparent heart attack.”

His acting would probably win a Razzie. Dupree is on the ground, and Scott is shown wheeling the merchandise out the store.

Suddenly, Dupree is no longer having a heart attack and also exits the store holding his chest.

Happy Holidays.