Tasha Smith slapped with divorce papers, forced to pay 50k in spousal support

theGRIO REPORT - Actress Tasha Smith is reportedly in the midst of an ugly divorce and is being forced to pay her estranged husband 50k in spousal support....

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Actress Tasha Smith has been slapped with divorce papers and has reportedly been forced to pay spousal support to her estranged husband, Keith Douglas.

According to TMZ, Smith is being forced to pay Douglas $50k in spousal support up front to hold him over until a permanent support agreement is figured out in divorce court.

The Why Did I Get Married? star reportedly split from her husband, Keith Douglas, in November after he filed a restraining order saying Smith must stay two yards away from her when they’re home together and 100 yards away when they’re not.

Douglas claimed Smith had threatened him on multiple occasions, sometimes even in front of the children.

A week later, Smith filed similar docs to get protection from Douglas.

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