Orlando attraction 'Machine Gun America' features high-powered guns

This weekend, Orlando is opening its latest attraction: Machine Gun America.

The new attraction bills itself as Orlando’s first automatic adrenaline attraction, according to a report from WTSP’s Eric Glasser. Visitors to MGA have the opportunity to handle “live ammunition automatic weapons, including high-powered machine guns.”

From the MGA’s official website:

Whether you’re looking to unleash your inner action star or become a zombie hunter, experience the exhilarating rush of shooting real machine guns and powerful firearms for a thrill unlike any other.

The WTSP report states that the weapons “are available to adults and children as young as 13 with parent’s permission,” but that no guest is ever left unattended.

Guests at MGA can shoot the live ammunition at fake targets like zombies or simulate the experience of participating in an “Old West” shootout.

The range’s general manager, Bruce Nierenberg, said MGA is a chance for guests to do something “they always wanted to try.”

He offers no apology for concerns over MGA’s safety or the rule allowing children as young as 13 to handle the weapons. “Range safety officers” accompany guests at all times, according to Nierenberg.