Man steals hearse with body in it moments before funeral

Family and friends in South Los Angeles were expecting to mourn the death of 19-year-old Jonté Lee Reed Saturday morning at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

But after a man stole the hearse with Reed’s body in it, several of them had to give chase.

The suspect was reportedly mentally ill and later arrested. The Los Angeles Times’ Catherine Saillant has the details:

Meanwhile, family members driving to the funeral had been notified of the theft and saw a hearse passing them near 52nd and Main streets, about four blocks from the Baptist church. They made the driver pull over and began angrily arguing with him […]

Reed’s aunt, Johnnie Fortune told KTLA:

As I got here, everybody’s outside, there’s no hearse. There’s no body […]. They brought the hearse back on a truck.

KTLA reports the suspect will be charged with auto theft.