Ohio bridal shop visited by nurse who contracted Ebola to close in May

Amber Vinson is Ebola free and, like other survivors, has attempted to return to a “normal” life.

The Ohio bridal shop Vinson visited before it was determined she had the virus, however, cannot say the same thing. Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal will close its doors, according to a report from WEWS-TV in Akron.

The store’s owner, Anna Younker, said the shop was unable to overcome the stigma left by Vinson’s visit. She will close down for good in May.

More details from WEWS’ Bob Jones:

During an interview at the store, Younker indicated she has lost more than $100,000 since Amber Vinson, a Dallas nurse, tested positive for the Ebola virus a few days after she visited the store to plan for her upcoming wedding.

To make matters worse, Younker says Vinson asked her for a refund for her and her bridesmaids. The request didn’t sit well with Younker.

“I wish that now she knew better not to travel,” she told Jones in the WEWS report. “The impact it’s had on me is huge. Never in a million years did I expect something like this to cause our business to have to close.”

Vinson was determined to have Ebola a few days after returning from visiting the bridal shop. She was part of the team of doctors and nurses who helped treat the U.S. first Ebola case Thomas Duncan.