Creepy Bill Cosby interview resurfaces, describes dropping 'Spanish Fly' in women's drinks

Judd Apatow’s been going in on Bill Cosby lately.

Tuesday, the comedy producer continued to question the growing number of allegations against Cosby. Apatow tweeted a link to his more than one million followers of an old Cosby interview with Larry King.

In the interview clip, which was rebroadcast on Headline News, Cosby is describing a story about “Spanish Fly,” a drug that purportedly makes women “amarous.”

Cosby happily describes to CNN anchor Larry King the “powers” of the drug, as transcribed by

COSBY: Spanish Fly was the thing that all boys from age 11 on up to death — We will still be searching for Spanish Fly.

KING: [laughs] That’s right.

COSBY: And what was the old- The old story was, if you took a little drop — It was on the head of a-

KING: Pin.

COSBY: -pin! And you put it in a drink-

KING: That’s right. Drop it in her Coca-cola — It don’t matter.

COSBY: It doesn’t make any difference. And the girl would drink it and-

KING: And she’s yours.

COSBY: -‘Hello, America!’

Monday, Apatow said Cosby “absolutely belongs in jail,” on the WTF Podcast. He’s even tweeted an image of all the cities Cosby will visit on his upcoming tour, encouraging his followers to let the venues “know how they feel.”

USA Today’s Ann Oldenburg recapped the reason why Apatow has come out so hard against Cosby:

Apatow, in his talk with Maron (the chat starts around the eight-minute mark), talked to Barris and says he “can understand why someone would say, ‘Why does Judd care about this?'” “I don’t know, I have two daughters. I’m a comedian. I see [Cosby] a little bit as our comedy dad,” Apatow said. “It’s like finding out your comedy dad is a really evil guy.”