Black actress to play pink ranger in new 'Power Rangers' series

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A black actress will play the role of the pink ranger in an upcoming Power Rangers series on Nickelodeon for the first time in 22 American seasons of the show.

Camille Hyde will star as Shelby Watkins in Power Rangers Dino Charge. The cast was revealed in August, but the new series is set to premiere on television this Saturday. If you can’t wait till next week, the first episode is currently available online.

Starring alongside Hyde are Latino actor Brennan Mejia as the red ranger, James Davies as the black ranger, Indonesian actor Yoshi Sudarso as the blue ranger, and Michael Taber as the green ranger. 

Repost from Yoshi and James haha. Right before we were announced to the world as the next Power Rangers!

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Be back real soon my sweet USA, I'll miss you❤️

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Got some awesome fan art in the mail today! Check your mail soon Sean 🙂

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Since the cast reveal, fans have expressed their excitement via social media.