Kanye West performs lying on the floor, wears blue contacts for 'SNL 40'

theGRIO REPORT - Kanye West performs three songs on Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary special..

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Kanye West delivered an awkward performance of “Jesus Walks,” “Only One,” and “Wolves” on Saturday Night Live’s 40 Anniversary special last night.

West kicked off his multi-track set with “Jesus Walks” while lying completely flat on his back, with overhead cameras capturing his face and audio as he belted out his 2004 anthem into a microphone suspended over his mouth.

The ever-supportive wife, Mrs. Kardashian West, instantly turned to Instagram after Yeezy’s performance, calling it an “Iconic moment;” meanwhile, Twitter users wasted no time slamming the performance.

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Iconic moment!!! Kanye SNL

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The rapper later rocked light blue contacts as he appeared as himself along with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey during a Wayne’s World skit.

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