When people heard about a Detroit man who walked 21 miles every day to go to work, the initial response was an outpouring of donations leading to a touching gesture by a friend who helped secure him a brand new car.

But now that James Robertson has a new car and $350,000 in donations, he has received threats and no longer feels safe at his boarding house.

Robertson contacted police on February 10, and the police helped him move after the crime-prevention specialists provided him with a temporary place to stay. “We had a meeting with him (and) he expressed interest that he did not feel safe,” Police Capt. Aric Tosqui said.

Watch the story behind James Robertson’s journey below:

Robertson’s fears were only intensified when Arthur Neal, who claimed to have won $20,000 in the lottery, was found stabbed to death on February 1.

Robertson’s newfound fame and fortune, it seems, comes with its own, dangerous price tag. “People were actually asking him for money,” said Police 2nd Deputy Chief June West. Robertson has also been parking his car at a local precinct.

Robertson is currently looking to move closer to his work and into the suburbs, though he leaves Detroit sadly. “Don’t get me wrong,” Robertson said. “It’ll be hard to leave the city that I love.”