Jesse Williams says fellow celebrities aren't 'doing enough' for social justice

Jesse Williams, who has been called the Harry Belafonte of his generation, is calling out celebrities for not using their status to raise awareness to social injustices.

The Grey’s Anatomy star talked to on the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game red carpet, saying he feels fellow A-listers could be doing more when it comes to social activism.

When asked if stars were doing enough, Williams responded, “My measure of enough? No, obviously not. There’s very little being done.”

The actor added that he doesn’t want to force his “level of personal responsibility onto others.”

Watch our video interview with Jesse Williams below:

Williams has been a leading voice over the last year, expressing his disappointment in the justice system following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, as well as other victims of police brutality.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Jesse Williams protests in Ferguson

The 33-year-old joined protesters in Ferguson this past fall. He documented his time there on social media

Williams played in All-Star Celebrity Game Friday, but left the game early after injuring his knee.