Group seeks land across Virginia to fly Confederate flags

A group called Virginia Flaggers is looking to find land on which they can fly Confederate flags in Charlottesville and in other parts of Virginia.

The Flaggers are reportedly upset the Charlottesville City Council is voting on whether or not to stop observing Lee-Jackson Day, which honors Confederate heroes Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson.

“It’s all about having people realize that you’re honoring your ancestors and also, in this, case fallen soldiers who fought here in Virginia,” said Barry Isenhour with Virginia Flaggers. “These are fallen veterans.”

Watch a local news report on the group’s demands below:

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The group claims that ending the state holiday would damage an important part of Virginia’s history as well as an important way to remember southern veterans of the war.

The city council will be voting on the measure to end the holiday at its next meeting. Other cities that have already ended their observance of Lee-Jackson Day include Richmond, Lynchburg and Norfolk.