CJ Pearson

CJ Pearson, the 12-year-old conservative who made waves with his fierce defense of former mayor Rudy Giuliani’s questioning the president’s love for the United States, says Facebook kicked him out.

Pearson’s public Facebook profile had received 22,000 likes, including from the likes of Senator Rand Paul, before he was kicked off. He had received national attention for his fiery YouTube video, which has seen 1.6 million views and landed him a spotlight on Fox News.

Apparently, Facebook kicked him out because he was under 13, the minimum required age for Facebook users, but Pearson believes that he was kicked out for his political beliefs.

“Due to the fact that approximately 7.5 million kids (under the age of 13) log in to Facebook, I would most definitely have to say the removal of my account was due to partisan politics, rather than actually upholding their actual Terms of Service agreement,” he stated in an email Tuesday.

“To me, you either enforce a policy all of the time or not at all. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right that shouldn’t be hindered by any entity, public or private,” he continued.

Pearson continues to post on Facebook through a friend, and he will likely continue to post that way until he turns 13 on July 31.