Victim of brutal attack at McDonald's brags about being famous

Authorities have arrested one of the six girls involved in a brutal attack captured on cell phone video at a Brooklyn McDonalds.

While disturbing video of the incident has gone viral and shocked many across the country, the NYPD says there is very little they can do, because no one has come forward to file a complaint, reports the Daily Mail.

Even the victim, 15, has been unhelpful, refusing to cooperate with the NYPD, while bragging on social media about her “fame,” saying, “Everyone Like Im Famous Now.”

Police were able to arrest 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson, who also stole the victim’s purse and cell phone. Ferguson could potentially be charged as an adult for her role in the attack, however it is unclear what charges will be filed without any complaints.

This is not Ferguson’s first run-in with the police. She was arrested last month for stabbing her brother in the arm and last year when she punched her grandmother.

Watch the brutal assault below: (*Warning* Graphic Content)

The fight took place shortly after school let out from Erasmus Hall High School. Police believe those involved attend the school, reports the New York Daily News.

No witnesses have come forward to offer any information to the police in their search for the other five girls, though this is perhaps unsurprising, since the video footage shows that bystanders did not help the girl being attacked and instead cheered on the violence until one of the attackers stomps on the victim’s head and storms off.

At that point, a few students helped the victim to a bench, where she collapsed.