Baby girl found dead same day parents were going on 'Maury' for paternity test

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On Wednesday, just hours before they were about to appear on “The Maury Show,” an Ohio family woke up to find that their 8-month-old daughter had died overnight.

According to authorities, the child died because she got wedged between the mattress and the wall of the hotel. Although the exact cause of death has yet to be determined, physical or sexual abuse or neglect has been ruled out as the cause.

The baby’s 27-year-old mother woke up that morning and made the discovery, and the father, 25, backs up her story. Another child, a 2-year-old son, was also in the room and was uninjured.

The family had flown to Stamford, Connecticut, to film an episode of Maury Povich’s talk show. They were supposed to do the taping on Wednesday, the same day that the baby was discovered dead. Producers confirmed that the couple was scheduled to appear on the show but would not say why the family would beappearing on a show specializing in family drama.

A source reported, however, that the family was going on “The Maury Show” in order to get the results of a DNA paternity test and to find out who the baby girl’s true father was.