Uber driver says he was assaulted by passenger, called 'N-Word'

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Chiddi Stober was just doing his job, working part-time as an Uber driver, when a passenger refused to get out of the car and assaulted him, leading Stober to call 9-1-1.

“It was just getting from bad to worse and that is just when I needed to call 911,” Stober explained.

The audio of the 9-1-1 call revealed that the passenger, a Kennesaw State University professor, repeatedly called Stober the N-word.

“Go back to slavery, man,” the passenger says.

Watch a full report on the assault below:

“The customer just damaged my vehicle!” Stober exclaims. “The customer is assaulting me, the customer is assaulting me… He just punched me in the face.”

Later, Stober said of the incident, “I couldn’t understand why a person who doesn’t even know me could be using such kind of language.”

While Stober said that the man worked as a lecturer at KSU, where he taught business, the passenger has not been publicly identified because he has not yet been charged, though Dunwoody police are looking into the matter.

Jill Polster, the passenger’s attorney, issued a statement of apology on his behalf.

“The recording speaks for itself. When made aware off the statements made by him as heard on the recorder, (her client) was mortified,” the statement said. “He is deeply ashamed and sorry for the derogatory language he used towards Mr. Stober during the episode.”