Video captures woman hitting crying 3-year-old with tablet

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A case of possible child abuse is being investigated after a video was posted online showing a woman hitting a crying child with a tablet device in a California parking lot.

In the video, the suspect, 39-year-old Yvonne Camargo. can be seen placing the child, who is screaming, in the back seat of a car. After wiping the child’s face, she hits him with a tablet device.

The man who posted the video to YouTube said he started to film the woman when he saw her pulling the child by the hair out of a Kohl’s store. He can be heard confronting her, saying, “Hey, why are you hitting that kid like that? … Why are you hitting that little baby?”


Camargo then gets into the driver’s seat, appearing to be a bit rattled.

Then, a woman with the cameraman shouts at Camargo as well: “Hitting a f***ing innocent kid that can’t protect themselves. … How do you feel hitting a kid?”

According to KTLA, the incident took place last Wednesday evening in a Victoriaville Kohl’s parking lot and was reported to police shortly thereafter. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Abernathy said the child in the video was checked for injuries Thursday.

“The deputy examined the child for injuries, conducted a criminal interview with Camargo, and notified Children and Family Services. The case is being submitted to the (San Bernardino County) District Attorney’s Office,” a news release stated.