'I'm done': Guest walks off Hannity after 'brainwashed' black folks remark

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Leo Terrell was absolutely done with the hate on Sean Hannity’s show, so he walked out. And surprisingly, it wasn’t even Hannity he was mad at.

The conversation, which was supposed to be about the circumstances of the Walter Scott shooting, turned sour when Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Hannity’s other guest, tried to turn the topic back against “black America.”

Peterson claimed that people needed to “stop overreacting” to the shootings in the news, saying, “All I’m saying is we should wait for due process, because I don’t think that Americans understand how angry and brainwashed these young black folks are. There have been an element of black Americans listening to people like these race hustlers….”

Terrell, who had been vying for his turn to speak, said, “I am not going to sit here and listen to this, this hate. It’s my turn…”

After Hannity tried to get the two to stop talking over each other, saying it was Peterson’s turn to talk, Terrell said, “I’m not gonna listen to it. I’m not gonna listen to it.”

Hannity then tried to change gears, saying, “I want to ask you a legal question. Because we’re talking about here — I think what Jesse is discussing is a topic for another day, but not in this case. In this case, the justifiable, legal justification use of force is clear, [Walter Scott] is not a threat to anybody. I think it’s irrelevant what happened leading up to this based on the video.”

Terrell replied, “Listen, I am just giving you kudos. You and I are in agreement for the second time in the history of Fox News cable. It is against the law for any officer to shoot an unarmed black man or any man in the back.”

But when Peterson jumped back into the conversation and continue his narrative, Terrell was done. “You quiet down… if you don’t stop talking I’m done. I’m done. I’m done!” he said, then took out his ear piece and walked off camera as Peterson continued his speech.