Drake looks disgusted after Madonna plants open-mouth kiss on him

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On Sunday night, Madonna shocked everyone watching when she planted a long, open-mouthed kiss on Drake. But the real story is what happened after the kiss, when a horrified Drake wiped his mouth and looked disgusted.

Madonna, clad in a “Big As Madonna” tee shirt, had just been singing “Express Yourself” to Drake while performing at Coachella when she went in for the make out. She pulled his head back and planted one on him, but rather than just a quick peck, she clearly had her mouth open and held the kiss for at least three seconds.


At first, Drake seemed to enjoy the moment, reaching up to rub Madonna’s head, but she pushed his hand away. It was clear she was in charge.

After that, when Madonna sauntered away when the kiss was finished, Drake seemed to be disgusted, even wiping his mouth. Madonna saw none of this, because she had already moved on and away from the 28-year-old Drake.

Perhaps part of the problem was the age difference. At 56, Madonna is exactly twice as old as Drake is. Or maybe Drake just prefers to be in charge. Either way, it’s not a moment he, or anyone who was watching, will soon forget.