Video appears to show Michigan cops laughing after beating Floyd Dent

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Michigan police recently released disturbing video footage of officers laughing and joking around after the brutal beating of Floyd Dent.

In the video, the Inkster officers seem to be celebrating as they wipe Dent’s blood off their uniforms, even reenacting the beating to raucous delight, all while a bleeding Dent, who is within earshot of the celebrations, still receives no medical attention, reports WDIV.

“Quite honestly, they are disgusting,” said Dent’s attorney Greg Rohl. “They show officers making fun of Floyd. They show them congratulating each other for this beat down and the whole time he is there watching it.”

Watch the disturbing video footage below:

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“He is bleeding like a sieve, there is blood everywhere,” said Rohl. “The officers don’t seem at all disturbed by what happened at the scene. They appear happy, pleased, even celebratory over the arrest of Floyd Dent — a man who was just beaten kicked and tased.

As one officer joyfully acted out Dent being choked during the assault, Dent was suffering from a closed head injury, broken ribs, and a fractured orbital.

“I feel like I have to apologize as a white male in America for what happened to Floyd Dent,” said Rohl. “It’s an outrage. I’m absolutely stunned and disturbed that this could happen.”

Dent’s attorneys point out that the video should have been released as soon as someone saw it and that the prosecutors should have been notified.

Since then, Inkster’s chief of police have resigned, and the other officers in the video are being investigated, nearly two months after the incident.

As for Dent, he could not bring himself to respond to the video; he was too disgusted by what had happened.