Student issued suspension for prom dress, eventually reversed

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High school senior Alexus Miller-Wigfall went to her prom wearing a red dress that was floor length and had long sleeves.

Three days after prom, she received notice that she had been suspended from school, because her school had issues with her prom dress.

The school’s dress code stated that prom clothing must cover all body parts, including “breasts, upper thighs, crotch, buttocks, etc.” Although Miller-Wigfall believed that her dress met those standards, the school’s assistant principal told her to “cover up” at prom.

“I couldn’t believe it,” her mother, Alisha Sneed, said. “I don’t see anything wrong with that dress. What do they want her to wear, a turtleneck?”

Although the suspension was overturned, the school never contacted Sneed about the initial ruling or the reason behind it. Sneed believes that her daughter was singled out because she is “plus-sized.”

Listen to more about the prom dress controversy below:

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Kirsten Keys, a school district spokeswoman, left this comment to

The Harrisburg School District believes that proms are celebratory and memorable events in the lives of its students.  Our administration, school board, faculty and advisors strive to ensure that students enjoy themselves immensely, while abiding by attire guidelines and expectations that support and promote the elegance of the prom season.