15 reasons to visit Brazil if you're single

theGRIO - Fifteen reasons for singles to visit Brazil.

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Visiting Brazil is a good idea. Visiting Brazil while single with a few singles friends is a great idea. The South American country, known for its incredible beaches and beautiful people, could be your ideal friend getaway this year.

From the tropical weather to unique food and drink, the many exciting cities to visit will not disappoint. Brazilians are great hosts and cater to tourists who visit.

You can plan your visit around an event or time of year, such as New Years, Carnival (which usually lands in mid-February) or even during one of the country’s many food competitions. If you are not planning to visit during a holiday or event, there is still plenty for you to do, including Samba dancing, visiting some of the county’s top museums and monuments and taking a trek through the Amazon rainforest.

Whether you’re meeting locals or fellow tourists, you’re guaranteed to meet new people.