Mistress sues her ex-lover for not leaving his wife

A retired media executive’s lover is suing him because he would not divorce his wife.

Theodora Lee Corsell, 67, wants $2 million from James Greenwald, 88, for six years of unpaid work. She is also upset that Greenwald was unable to end his marriage due to blatant threats from his wife.

“According to Greenwald, [his wife] Marilee told him, ‘I will see them bury you six feet under before I grant you a divorce. I’m the last Mrs. Greenwald,’ ” Corsell recounts in court papers.

Corsell worked with Greenwald for six years, both romantically and professionally. During that period of time, she says she was not only his lover but also his assistant, helping him to do everything from promoting an unpublished memoir to squelching a $3 million threat made by one of Greenwald’s other mistresses.

In recognition of her loyalty, Greenwald allegedly told Corsell, “I owe you everything and I will compensate you,” her suit says.

Corsell believes she deserves to receive backpay, because her “professional services . . . were separate and apart from . . . the parties’ romantic relationship.”

Greenwald’s attorney, Steven Mintz, said his client “remains happily married to his wife” and called the suit a “shameless shakedown.”