Florida Walmart calls police on black customers for shopping too slow

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A Walmart in Pensacola Florida in under fire after video surfaced of the police being called on some shoppers who were doing nothing wrong.

When the police showed up, they became aggressive with the shoppers, who were African-American, and asked them to leave. When the group tried to finish up their shopping before they got out, the police thought they were taking too long to leave and arrested one of them.

What’s more, this incident comes on the heels of another recent Walmart video, this one involving two white women.

In the video, two women came to blows, brawling in the aisle of a Walmart as one woman’s 6-year-old son gets involved and begins throwing shampoo. In stark contrast to the Florida shoppers, these women were not arrested and were in fact gone by the time police arrived. Their descriptions were not taken down by security, either.