Exonerated death row inmate now sits on the board of the crime lab

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A Texas man who served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit now has the power to prevent similar miscarriages of justice, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Anthony Graves — who was set free in 2010 after spending 12 years on death row and six years pleading his innocence in the notorious murder of a Houston family — will assist in managing the Forensic Science Center, a Houston-based crime lab used by local area law enforcement agencies.

Graves’ exoneration revealed shocking prosecutorial misconduct by a district attorney who failed to reveal that the central witness had recanted his statement accusing Graves of being an accomplice to the crime.

“I watched the system just fail me from top to bottom,” Graves told NBC an an exclusive interview

“I became a criminal justice expert through my own experiences,” he said. “My university is D.R.U. — that’s ‘death row university.’ I’m well-qualified.”