Man removes Confederate flag off the back of truck during traffic

Stuck in traffic? Take down a Confederate flag.

It doesn’t sound like a safe thing to do, but that’s exactly what happened in a video circulating throughout social media.

The 13-second clip shows a man running to the back of a freight truck and desperately trying to remove a small Confederate battle flag. The video is set to James Brown’s funk classic “The Payback.”

After repeated attempts, the unidentified man finally gets the flag off the back of the truck.

We spotted the video on “Indominus Rex’s” Twitter page. The video link has been retweeted and favorited a combined 7100 times as of Monday morning.

The truck in the video appears to be a part of “TRIBE Transportation, Inc.,” a company ironically owned by a Native American woman.

When reached by phone, TRIBE Executive Vice-President Matt Handte declined specific comment on the video.

“Any issue like that we’d handle internally,” he said. “Regardless of what happened, that’s something we’d handle internally.”

It’s getting real out here.