Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker's new show is a must-watch

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Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker are launching the Boris and Nicole Show on Monday, and it looks like must-see TV.

“We have a great professional relationship because that’s how we met,” Parker told PEOPLE. “So I think the beginning [of our show’s foundation] is all there, but we’re going to learn as we go and have great guests and be thrown for a loop and recover. We’re ready for it all.”

The show will be premiering mere weeks after their 10th wedding anniversary. As they celebrated 10 years of marriage and looked back on how they met on Soul Food, the couple then looked to the future and the new show, calling the coming years “a new chapter in our relationship. It’s a new chapter in our careers. We’re super excited. We’re ready for the challenge.”

Saying they would “absolutely” be talking about their lives, including the challenges of their raising daughter Sophie, who was diagnosed with spina bifida, as well as their son Nicholas.

“The great thing about the daytime format is, you win when you are yourself,” said Parker.

But being so open and personal does come with its drawbacks.

“If somebody doesn’t like a movie I’ve done or a TV show we’ve done, you can kind of walk away, shake it off,” said Parker. “This is a whole new arena. You’re being yourself, but you’re also opening your real self up to a lot of criticism. If someone says, ‘I don’t like the sound of her voice,’ I might cry.”

But she had a novel approach to taking on negative criticism.

“If the ratings drop, my husband will just take his shirt off.”

She also teased, “I’ve gotten my abs [in shape]. The muffin [top] is shrinking. I might take my shirt off, too.”

Kodjoe chimed in, “We’ll be naked most of the time.”

The four-week summer run will air on Fox in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Atlanta and Phoenix.

Viewers can also check out episodes via youtube. Peep the first episode below.