Twitter roasts Slick Rick after awkward photo goes viral

Rap legend Slick Rick was all decked out in the style of a Louis Vuitton bowling shirt and lots of purple, and the Internet roasted him for it.

Slick Rick posted the photo of his colorful ensemble to Instagram, moments before performing Sunday night at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California for Ice T’s “Art of Rap Festival.”

The outfit was all kinds of outrageous, with custom black shoes sporting purple fringe along with a purple cloth that hung out from one side of his ensemble. He was also covered in gaudy jewelry.

The Internet, especially Twitter, was quick to roast Slick Rick for the photo, which he has since taken down from his Instagram account.

One Twitter user said, “You cant be young forever Slick Rick cmon man.”

“Been upset about this for a while now,” another user said, this time with just a picture of the offending custom shoes.

“I ever come outside lookin like slick rick just get me a home health aid,” said another.

One user jokingly tweeted about the end of the world, saying, “Slick Rick got purple doilies on his shoes so the End of Days is nigh.”

Other tweets included: “Slick Rick is my new favorite sad pepe” and “Slick Rick looks like an overdose of Dimetapp” as well as “Why is Slick Rick dressed like a Willy Wonka chocolate bar?” and “Slick Rick wanna retire but he didn’t put enough away in his 401K.”