Steve Harvey event for men reportedly turned into something disturbing

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Thousands of men came together Sunday for an event hosted by Steve Harvey called “What Men Really Think.”

But then things reportedly got ugly.

The event, held in Chicago, was for a special taping of Harvey’s talk show. According to Jezebel, men in attendance were polled beforehand with questions ranging from why men call women “crazy,” to determining the number one reason why independent black women are “hopelessly” single.

Men in attendance catcalled and harassed women that were gathered on stage. It got to the point where comedians had to tell the crowd to stop, noting the atmosphere had gotten “too rapey.”

Harvey has long considered himself a relationship expert, publishing several books and discussing tips and tricks for men and women to get along ad nauseam.

Comedian Tim Dunn was in attendance and shared his thoughts from the event in a now-deleted Facebook posts. Gawker captured some of the details:

When women skyped in to ask Steve for advice, their image was displayed on large screens, which men would either catcall or groan at based on the women’s looks. And like, if you looked at the guys groaning, spending a night with any of these women would be the absolute best night of their lives.

During a segment about how often men want sex, a young man got up and mentioned that he is sometimes too tired from work to have sex with his girlfriend. He was immediately booed and had homophobic epithets yelled at him.

Dunn points out that Harvey and members of the staff tried to keep things under control and were not at any point encouraging the crowd’s behavior. The problem, Dunn insists, was the fact that that 2,000 men were in one place.


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As of Friday, all of the links that contained more information on the event, poll and taping have been redirected to Steve Harvey’s main page.